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Sullivan's Travels (1941) Sullivan's Travels (1941) Sullivan's Travels (1941)

2001/02 Season


USA 1941 (U) - 91 minutes
Directed by Preston Sturges

Ipswich Film Theatre - 10 December 2001- 7.00pm

Derek Malcolm, former film critic of The Guardian and now President of the British Federation of Film Societies, introduces Sullivan's Travels, one of his favourite films featured in his recent book, A Century of Films.

A Hollywood director tired of making comedies determines to research real life for his proposed serious epic, Brother, Where Art Thou?. Dressed as a tramp, he ends up on a chain gang, only to discover that those down on their luck also need comedy in their lives.

Sullivan's Travels (1941) Sullivan's Travels (1941) Sullivan's Travels (1941)

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