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The Apartment (1960) The Apartment (1960) The Apartment (1960)

2005/06 Season


USA 1960 (PG) - 125 minutes
Directed by Billy Wilder

Ipswich Film Theatre - 8 May 2006 - 7.30pm

Working as a face in a crowd of number crunchers at an insurance company, Jack Lemmon's character falls for Shirley MacLaine's elevator girl but gets ahead by lending his door key for the illicit amours of company top brass. The vitues of Wilder's dramas and comedies all rolled into one.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: What brilliant dialogue and storytelling. Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine's best roles. Wonderful film; How wonderful to see this gem of a film on a proper screen. A timeless favourite with Jack Lemmon at his very best; Scriptwise, it crumbles mellifluously. Beautifully lit; A good end to a very varied season. This film was a little overly long but very good. Lots of witty lines and a nice ending; Script sharp and witty. A feelgood movie.

The Apartment (1960) The Apartment (1960) The Apartment (1960)

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