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Le Gout des Autres (2000) Le Gout des Autres (2000) Le Gout des Autres (2000)

2005/06 Season


France 2000 (15) - 112 minutes

Directed by Agnes Jaoui

Ipswich Film Theatre - 28 November 2005 - 7.30pm

An oblique comedy of considerable charm which weaves together the emotional crises of apparently disparate characters who turn out to be connected to businessman Castella. He, in turn, having fallen for actress Clara, seeks to impress her by embracing high art and aspiring to all things cultural, not always successfully.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Superb acting, wonderful photography, what fun. I didn't realise that the French could send themselves up; Charming film about a mid-life crisis; Vive la difference. It was a bit slow in parts, but enjoyable on the whole; Boring people doing boring things; Very slow, totally unconvincing relationships about two hours too long.

Le Gout des Autres (2000) Le Gout des Autres (2000) Le Gout des Autres (2000)

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