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The Station Agent (2003) The Station Agent (2003) The Station Agent (2003)

2005/06 Season


USA 2003 (15) - 88 minutes
Directed by Thomas McCarthy

Ipswich Film Theatre - 27 February 2006 - 7.30pm

A little railway station in rural New Jersey is the setting for the growing friendship between Finbar, a very independent dwarf (not a midget he insists), Olivia, a struggling artist and Joe, a hotdog vendor. An unusual American film which has the affectionate mood of those lovely Czech films of the 1960s.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: A real feelgood film and utterly enjoyable. When were blimps invented; Magnificent. An imaginative positive role for a disadvantaged individual in a different society and a great view of New Jersey, a state often viewed as fully industrial; Three misfits become friends. Films like this are why I joined the Society. Excellent; Nice, quirky low-key piece of Americana; I could not have imagined a film about trainspotting could be so tender, emotional and funny. It was brilliant.

The Station Agent (2003) The Station Agent (2003) The Station Agent (2003)

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