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Pierrepoint (2005) Pierrepoint (2005) Pierrepoint (2005)

2006/07 Season


UK 2005 (15) - 90 minutes
Directed by Adrian Shergold

Ipswich Film Theatre - 19 March 2007 - 7.30pm

An impressive performance by Timothy Spall as Britain's best known public executioner and last official Chief Hangman. Becoming famous for the speed of his despatch, Pierrepoint oversees the justice meted out to the Nuremburg criminals after World War II. However after experiencing the personal tragedy and losing belief in his work, he opts for retirement.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Profoundly moving and thought-provoking. Such humanity. This has made me want to go and find out more, surely the mark of a great film; Superb British performances in an interesting but somewhat pedestrian film; Can't think of anyone better than Timothy Spall with his bloodhound-like face to express the emotions (or not) of the executioner; A lack of imagination would seem to be the prime requisite for the job; An interesting and well constructed film, but I can't say that I enjoyed it.

Pierrepoint (2005) Pierrepoint (2005) Pierrepoint (2005)

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