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Red Lights (2003) Red Lights (2003) Red Lights (2003)

2006/07 Season


France 2003 (15) - 106 minutes

Directed by Cedric Kahn

Ipswich Film Theatre - 8 January 2007 - 7.30pm

Based on a Georges Simenon original, this is the updated story of an insurance employee whose midlife cris coincides with a Friday night's drive south from the capital to spend the weekend with the children. His increasingly drunken behaviour both endangers both himself and his wife. An analytical thriller from the director of Roberto Succo.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: I'm shaking all over. Such tension, then the moments of calm. I rather liked the doctor; A brilliantly claustrophobic bit of film noir. I felt constantly at risk in that car; How do the French nearly always manage to act without appearing to do anything. I imagine Kate Winslet as Hélène; Takes that sort of thing to get you back together again. Discussion provoking; I can put subtitles under my home movies. It still doesn't make them any good.

Red Lights (2003) Red Lights (2003) Red Lights (2003)

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