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The Straight Story (1999) The Straight Story (1999) The Straight Story (1999)

2006/07 Season


USA 1999 (U) - 111 minutes
Directed by David Lynch

Ipswich Film Theatre - 19 February 2007 - 7.30pm

A 73 year-old man travels several hundred miles riding on a motor mower to visit his ill and estranged brother. Based on a true story this charming and touching film, interestingly from David Lynch, celebrates humanity and optimism still to be found in the American Mid-West.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: The pleasure of life in the slow lane. We should all enjoy it a little more. Beautiful faces, unexpectedly straightforward for Lynch. One has to wonder how he got home; My favourite road movie. Even better the second time. Such a wonderful collection of faces. Such warmth, the best of America; Somewhat sentimental, but a nice reminder that you don't have have to swear to make an effect and that human beings remain the most interesting phenomena to explore; A fine valedictory film for a great old Hollywood stuntman, Richard Farnsworth. Just great; Given that the Director was David Lynch, was the whole point of the film to see how many anomalies one could spot? Simultaneous arrival of lightning and thunder, trench warfare in WWII, drinking Lite to forget. How many did I miss?

The Straight Story (1999) The Straight Story (1999) The Straight Story (1999)

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