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Tickets (2004) Tickets (2004) Tickets (2004)

2006/07 Season


Italy/UK 2004 (15) - 110 minutes

Directed by Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami
& Ken Loach

Ipswich Film Theatre - 5 March 2007 - 7.30pm

Tickets consists of three beautifully balanced stories each directed by a master and all set on a train to Rome. First we share the emotions of an elderly professor, followed by the problems of a bossy upper class widow, and finally Ken Loach provides an amusing and surprising story about three Celtic football supporters.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Thank goodness. A decisive victory; Thank God for that happy ending. This was too inense for me. Must have sparked off some similar memories; Entertaining but uneven. Would have liked entire film about the professor. Enjoyed the second part, too; I had very little sympathy with very few of the characters and wanted more information to be given about each of them but it wasn't forthcoming; A bright and charming ending didn't make up for a dull and pointless beginning.

Tickets (2004) Tickets (2004) Tickets (2004)

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