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Way Out West (1937) Way Out West (1937) Way Out West (1937)

2006/07 Season


USA/UK 1937/1937 (U/U)
60/84 minutes

Directed by James Horne/Marcel Varnel

Ipswich Film Theatre - 11 December 2006 - 7.30pm

In Way Out West Laurel & Hardy go to Brushwood Gulch to deliver the deed to a gold mine. A Hal Roach classic featuring songs and brilliantly timed routines. In Oh, Mr Porter the stationmaster of an Irish railway station catches gunrunners masquerading as ghosts. Featuring Will Hay and Moore Marriott in a trio of comic actors at their best.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Excellent, both. Why is it that Laurel & Hardy are always better than you remember; Just a great Christmas couple. Takes one back to The Old Days; Way out West is a classic. It's great to see the two at work. I have seen this film many times but I think that it is pleasant to be in the company of these two gents occasionally; Very predictable humour and quite slow-paced but enjoyable, nevertheless; Age cannot wither them.

Oh, Mr Porter (1937) Oh, Mr Porter (1937) Oh, Mr Porter (1937)

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