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Billy Liar (1963) Billy Liar (1963) Billy Liar (1963)

2007/08 Season


UK 1963 (PG)
98 minutes

Directed by John Schlesinger

Hollywood Film Theatre - 26 November 2007 - 7.30pm

Set in a dull Northern town, this warm and witty film tells of an undertaker’s clerk (Tom Courtenay) who retreats (like Walter Mitty) into fantasy. Dreaming of escaping to London, encouraged not by his fiancée but by a radiant Julie Christie, he finally relinquishes his hopes in favour of the safety of his home town.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Fantastic on every level. It made me smile inside; Tom Courtenay, boy and man - may he live forever; Julie Christie always looks good, even in Bradford; A wonderful slice of post-war history as Britain emerged from austerity; Very dated.

Billy Liar (1963) Billy Liar (1963) Billy Liar (1963)

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