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Cockles and Muscles (2005) Cockles and Muscles (2005) Cockles and Muscles (2005)

2007/08 Season


France 2005 (15)
96 minutes - Subtitled

Directed by Olivier Ducastel & Jacques Martineau

Hollywood Film Theatre - 12 November 2007 - 7.30pm

The lives of a family holidaying in the south of France are fraught with sexual complications. From Feydeau to François Ozon, the French have made frivolity in matters immoral almost a badge of honour, and this soap-operatic farce is a celebration of the liberating powers of sea air and shellfish.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: I love this film, so full of energy; Tedious until the menage a quatre; Explains a lot about the French, including their showing in Eurovision; A mistake to have musical numbers when the cast can't sing or dance; One of the worst films I have seen in ages.

Cockles and Muscles (2005) Cockles and Muscles (2005) Cockles and Muscles (2005)

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