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Kontroll (2003) Kontroll (2003) Kontroll (2003)

2007/08 Season


Hungary 2003 (15)
111 minutes - Subtitled

Directed by Nimrod Antal

Hollywood Film Theatre - 10 December 2007 - 7.30pm

Depicting life on the Budapest underground system through the eyes of a Chandleresque ticket inspector, this is like a low-tech version of Luc Besson's Subway. Unlike that film, however, it offers glimpses of real life and social attitudes in the former Eastern bloc. A smart combination of styles and moods.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Bizarre and compelling. Don't Look Now meets On the Waterfront, or should it be Orpheus in the Underground? Great soundtrack. A pity the closing credits were unreadable; Wow! Amazing, what an achievement and the music is part of it; I am shellshocked. Excellent acting and always intriguing but probably meaningless; Too much grim reality in the underworld. Music too loud. Fascinating and very watchable, though; This was the most depressing despairing film I have ever seen.

Kontroll (2003) Kontroll (2003) Kontroll (2003)

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