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The Page Turner (2006) The Page Turner (2006) The Page Turner (2006)

2007/08 Season


France 2006 (15)
85 minutes - Subtitled

Directed by Denis Dercourt

Hollywood Film Theatre - 21 January 2008 - 7.30pm

A young girl is so wounded that her judge in a piano competition should pause to sign an autograph, that she gives up the instrument and years later exacts an elaborate revenge. This is a splendidly cast essay in implacable cruelty that recalls Chabrol in its depiction of an haut-bourgeois environment penetrated by an outsider.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Revenge is a dish best served cold. The menace was unremitting. Wonderful camerawork; All the ways she could do damage, but ultimately far more subtle than our imaginations were running to. Beautifully underplayed. For me, the music was the star, perfectly reflecting the action; Cinematography adequately serves the plot, one which is deeply unpleasant; Slow, drab, miserable. These are not good features in a film.

The Page Turner (2006) The Page Turner (2006) The Page Turner (2006)

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