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Ring (1997) Ring (1997) Ring (1997)

2007/08 Season


Japan 1997 (15)
96 minutes - Subtitled

Directed by Hideo Nakata

Hollywood Film Theatre - 1 October 2007 - 7.30pm

Here it is. The original of all those Japanese horrors that have since been remade by Hollywood. The concept is simple, a cursed video cassette, the accent on fear rather than violence. As the heroine races to solve the curse and save her own life we are gripped in a constant maelstrom of suspense with Lynchian lurches into terror.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Disjointed at the beginning. The scene in the well ranks with the best as regards suspense; I enjoyed it more than the Hollywood product. More atmospheric and better explained; Good soundtrack. Horror/suspense without the usual gore; Terrible acting, especially lead female. Hated poor lighting; Unintentionally hilarious. Uses every cliche in the book. Sound effects rule OK.

Ring (1997) Ring (1997) Ring (1997)

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