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Some Came Running (1958) Some Came Running (1958) Some Came Running (1958)

2008/09 Season


USA 1958 (PG)
137 minutes

Directed by Vincente Minnelli

Hollywood Film Theatre - 2 February 2009 - 7.30pm

From the author of From Here to Eternity, this neglected film tracks the return of a soldier, played by Frank Sinatra, to his home town and his search for a love that will renew him after the ordeals of combat. It is a heartbreaking tale of spiritual loss within a prosperous American community.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Great acting, wonderful photography, funny dialogue, a corny story and a sad ending. Great; Fantastic acting. Not a bad story. More depth than apparent at first; Hilarious, mostly unintentionally; Fascinating demonstration of how films in the 50s were made. Such dialogue; A bit corny but entertaining nevertheless. Some amusing moments.

Some Came Running (1958) Some Came Running (1958) Some Came Running (1958)

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