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A Prophet (2009) A Prophet (2009) A Prophet (2009)

2010/11 Season


France/Italy 2009 (18)
150 minutes

Directed by Jacques Audiard

Ipswich Film Theatre - 29 November 2010 - 7.30pm

This Cannes Grand Prix winner is a stunning prison drama in which a new member of the despised Arab population is taken under the wing of the dominant Corsican Mafia - for a price. Don't be put off by the running time of this gripping, if brutal, crime picture.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Sublime screenplay only just kept up with a moving and brilliantly compelling storyline; Gripping. Very well paced for such a long film; Quite a redemption and good thriller, but long; A bit difficult to follow. Should have read the notes first this time; Probably well made but difficult to follow, to keep up with who was who. Difficult to watch - all that fast, in your face camera work.

A Prophet (2009) A Prophet (2009) A Prophet (2009)

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