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The Ghost (2009) The Ghost (2009) The Ghost (2009)

2011/12 Season


France/Germany/UK 2009 (15)
127 minutes

Directed by Roman Polanski

Ipswich Film Theatre - 28 November 2011 - 7.30pm

Based on Robert Harris’s novel this is a gripping tale of a former British Prime Minister accused of dubious doings. The ghost writer hired to write his life story does some sleuthing of his own, finding that his predecessor died mysteriously. A fast-paced thriller.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: A taut and pacey thriller full of atmosphere and tension. McGregor, Brosnan and Williams all excellent; Gripping thriller. Loved the humour and a good twist; Not perfect but close. Excellent photography; Some dodgy accents but always nice to see Ewan McGregor's bottom; Gripping, if slightly slick and contrived.

The Ghost (2009) The Ghost (2009) The Ghost (2009)

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