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Jakub (2011) Jakub (2011) Jakub (2011)

2012/13 Season


Belgium 2011 (No Cert)
38 minutes

Directed by Alexander Vivas

Ipswich Film Theatre - 11 March 2013 - 7.30pm

Jakub is a street artist from the Czech Republic. He makes bubbles of soap at Mont Des Arts in Brussels. Without taboos, he tells us what he feels about his life and the irritations he has about society nowadays. Every evening he meets Gagan, an illegal immigrant from India. With the earnings he makes during the day he buys food and shares it with Gagan. While they eat, drink and smoke, the two young men talk about their future and their dreams. The film pictures a day in Jakub's life. A moving portrait that doesn't leave us indifferent and pushes us to reflect our own vision of society. The film is followed by Sound It Out.

Jakub (2011) Jakub (2011) Jakub (2011)

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