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Force Majeure (2014) Force Majeure (2014) Force Majeure (2014)

2016/17 Season


Sweden/France/Norway/Denmark 2014 (15)
120 minutes

Directed by Ruben ÷stlund

Ipswich Film Theatre - 5 December 2016 - 7.30pm

A popular European release last year, this story of marital implosion during a family skiing holiday calls to mind the truism that people who do the most shocking things somehow manage to convince themselves that it never happened. In a film all about point of view and evasion of responsibility, ÷stlundís 'stand back and observe' direction is wholly apt.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Amazing! So evocative of all the nasty inconveniences of family skiing holidays. Claustrophobic atmosphere made an excellent background to this emotionally charged story; Gripping and unsettling and I canít work out why; So glad it was not a two week holiday; Not seen so much snow in a film since Dr Zhivago or so much toothbrushing since not sure what. Sort of OK film, but not one I can recommend to all; Slow Ė pace just simply did not captivate enough and yet there was a deep psychological element that penetrated.

Force Majeure (2014) Force Majeure (2014) Force Majeure (2014)

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