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The Grump (2014) The Grump (2014) The Grump (2014)

2016/17 Season


Finland/Iceland 2014 (12)
104 minutes

Directed by Dome Karukoski

Ipswich Film Theatre - 8 May 2017 - 7.30pm

Grumpy old man, Nordic humour... one can begin to predict a low-key Victor Meldrew comedy, but not quite. Alongside the ambivalent seam of misanthropic humour, writer-director Karukoski mines a touching core of cross-generational deficiency and reconciliation.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: An interesting depiction of gender roles and expectations and how they’ve changed; Very moving portrayal of ageing; The day of the accordion is indeed over. Lovely bedlinen though; Victor Meldrew meets Crocodile Dundee in Finland, but not as funny as expected. My first Finnish film; I think something was lost in translation.

The Grump (2014) The Grump (2014) The Grump (2014)

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