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Lebanon (2009) Lebanon (2009) Lebanon (2009)

2016/17 Season


Israel 2009 (15)
93 minutes

Directed by Samuel Maoz

Ipswich Film Theatre - 9 January 2017 - 7.30pm

In Israel, military service meant that young men just out of high school could find themselves in a tank during a shooting war. This is the story of one such tank during the 1982 Lebanese offensive. The director had been there too, and during shooting lost the last bit of shrapnel from his body.

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Very good claustrophobic and compelling. Like a landlocked Das Boot; Brutally honest in its portrayal of the horror of war. I never want to go into a tank; Very uncomfortable watching made me terrified! Very powerful. Felt like I was in war zone; Unpleasant without giving much insight; Shocking bad film one more close-up eye shot and Id be a qualified optician!

Lebanon (2009) Lebanon (2009) Lebanon (2009)

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