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Anomalisa (2015) Anomalisa (2015) Anomalisa (2015)

2017/18 Season


US 2015 (15)
90 minutes

Directed by Duke Johnson & Charles Kaufman

Ipswich Film Theatre - 16 October 2017 - 7.30pm

David Thewlis is the voice of Michael Stone, the main protagonist in this stop motion animation feature film. On a business trip Michael meets Lisa, voiced by Jennifer Jason Leigh, who revolutionises his negative view of the world. The presentation begins with the short film Mr Madila (2015).

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Honest, raw, excellent; A tragic hymn to all the triviality of today; Probably good of its kind. Weird but quite interesting; Thunderbirds with sex and without the charm; What an interesting film. Would watch more like this again.

Anomalisa (2015) Anomalisa (2015) Anomalisa (2015)

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