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The Fencer (2015) The Fencer (2015) The Fencer (2015)

2017/18 Season


Finland/Estonia 2015 (PG)
99 minutes

Directed by Klaus Härö

Ipswich Film Theatre - 2 October 2017 - 7.30pm

This impressive Cold War drama won admirers when it screened at the Film Theatre last year. It concerns an Estonian fencing champion on the run from the KGB, who returns to his homeland to take up a post as a P.E. teacher. Anonymity, however, imposes moral choices he finds difficult to ignore. The presentation begins with the short film Mast Qalandar (2015).

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Positive and moving in a frightening time and place; This is what I belong to IFS for; Allegory creaked at times, but potentially a good tale; A film to savour. Beautiful to look at. Rather stereotyped head teacher. Very slow moving. More of a parable on resisting evil and following your principles. Memorable; A magical picture of hope.

The Fencer (2015) The Fencer (2015) The Fencer (2015)

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