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The Blue Angel (1930) The Blue Angel (1930) The Blue Angel (1930)

2018/19 Season


Germany 1930 (U)
106 minutes

Directed by Josef von Sternberg

Ipswich Film Theatre - 4 February 2019 - 7.30pm

The film with that song that made Dietrich famous, and an exotic allure that set its director on a Hollywood career and seven increasingly camp creations for its star. It concerns a professor who falls hopelessly in love (again) with a nightclub singer and was classic UFA urban pessimism, subsequently banned by the Nazis. The presentation begins with the short film Bonki (2014).

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: The film has stood the test of time remarkably well. And Dietrich? Possibly even more fascinating than Monroe; Bleak. Acting very good. A surprise as I was expecting a musical; Very difficult to rate an 80-year old film, but handsome thighs and very sound, solid, German doors; Oh dear! Poor old Germans. Slow, boring and predictable. Thought it would never end; Pedantic, slow, boring and very long.

The Blue Angel (1930) The Blue Angel (1930) The Blue Angel (1930)

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