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The Measure of a Man (2015) The Measure of a Man (2015) The Measure of a Man (2015)

2018/19 Season


France 2015 (PG)
91 minutes

Directed by Stéphane Brizé

Ipswich Film Theatre - 3 December 2018 - 7.30pm

Vincent Lindon impresses as a builder fighting unemployment through work as a supermarket store detective. He becomes progressively disheartened at the treatment meted out to the staff and customers by his employers. A subtle indictment of the assumptions behind a consumer society. The presentation begins with the short film Homeland (2016).

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Not enjoyable. Beautifully crafted and emotionally charged; I see the world of work is just as bad in France. A good depiction of employment/unemployment; A rather bleak portrayal of the brutality of modern corporate life for staff, customers and prospective employees; Thoroughly depressing, boring and realistic; Slow, slow, very slow. Couldn't wait for the end.

The Measure of a Man (2015) The Measure of a Man (2015) The Measure of a Man (2015)

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