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Unforgiven (1992) Unforgiven (1992) Unforgiven (1992)

2018/19 Season


US 1992 (15)
130 minutes

Directed by Clint Eastwood

Ipswich Film Theatre - 21 January 2019 - 7.30pm

A masterpiece of the Western genre, Eastwood’s film won four Oscars® and probably comes the closest ever to showing frontier life as it probably was. He plays William Munny, gunslinger turned farmer, on one last job. Also starring Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris. The presentation begins with the short film Made in London: Rachael South (2017).

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Just as good this time as it was when I saw it in ’92 with my Dad; Great Western, great cast, great hats. Awful print; Not really my sort of film, but Clint excelled as usual. Boys will be boys; Limited but a slightly guilty pleasure; Pretentious rubbish with nice scenery.

Unforgiven (1992) Unforgiven (1992) Unforgiven (1992)

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