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War on Everyone (2016) War on Everyone (2016) War on Everyone (2016)

2018/19 Season


UK 2016 (15)
98 minutes

Directed by John Michael McDonagh

Ipswich Film Theatre - 25 February 2019 - 7.30pm

The maker of The Guard and Calvary has finally landed stateside, but continues his examination of moral ironies with this action comedy about bent cops blackmailing criminals. Opinions are divided over whether it’s as good, but if you like smart, referential dialogue and/or Alexander Skarsgård, then you’re in with a chance. The presentation begins with the short film My Recurring Dream (2013).

AUDIENCE COMMENTS: Marvellous escapism; What the Film Society does for you! I would never have gone to see that but really liked it about half way through. Great music; Less said about this the better, although I did enjoy the music; A vile film. Just a few amusing bits. The write-up exaggerated its appeal. It should have been more honest; I would like to give it an F for the number of times the f-word was used.

War on Everyone (2016) War on Everyone (2016) War on Everyone (2016)

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