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David Clare (Chairman)


David Clare

Welcome to our Home Page. The Society is now over eighty years old and this will be our 77th season. For the last forty years, we have shown our films at the Ipswich Film Theatre, in the Corn Exchange, and benefit from the best projection expertise and facilities in Ipswich. Furthermore, at £38 for sixteen films, we think we represent outstanding value for money, even compared with other platforms. Our membership is demanding but appreciative, and you will get to view world cinema with a live audience of like-minded individuals of all ages.

But enough of ourselves; what of our films? Half of our programme is foreign language. World Cinema is more neglected than ever by our terrestrial TV channels, and for many boroughs who do not have a film theatre, the Film Society is the only way to catch those gems that offer us a window onto other cultures. This year we have Dheepan and After Love from France/Belgium as well as a revival in the shape of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. France has long provided us with a fair chunk of our programme, for the simple reason that it is responsible for the largest proportion of foreign language cinema taken up by distributors in Britain. As always, however, we have cast our net further afield, this year encompassing Mongolia, in The Eagle Huntress, Turkey, in Mustang, and Estonia, in The Fencer. The latter probes the terror and suspicion of the Soviet years, and two other films from Eastern Europe, Son of Saul and Closely Observed Trains, also deal with their countries’ colonization by 20th century ideologies in starkly contrasting ways.

Our English language titles often provide lighter relief, and this year Love and Friendship, Anomalisa and Paterson all promise to make us smile at the foibles of the human character. We have a delightful documentary about South African music fans who tracked down their forgotten hero, Searching for Sugar Man, and another revival in the shape of In the Heat of the Night in which Sidney Poitier delivers one of his signature roles, from a time when he was the only black leading man in Hollywood films. Genre cinema is not forgotten either, and we propose the dignified and reflective Arrival, together with Cold in July, a tense thriller. Our features are sometimes supported by short films, which again reflect the diversity of our programme.

If you find the above menu appetizing – and how can you not? – then to join there are three possible routes: apply online and select one of the electronic payment options or download the application form and send a cheque. Finally, brochures can also be found at the Ipswich Film Theatre, Tourist Office and a number of other public venues around town. Remember, though: this is a package deal, and you may choose not to see all the films. You may bring a guest to individual films (£5), but not for the first show of the season. We have limited space, so book early to avoid disappointment, in any case before September. See you at the pictures!

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